Hello from Triton Kennels!

Triton Kennels is deeply committed to breeding outstanding German Shepherd Dogs. We breed only 100% European working lines from schutzhund titled adults with normal hip certification. Our dogs have some of Europe’s finest working bloodlines with multiple Bundessieger & WUSV participants in their pedigrees. It is of the utmost importance to us to preserve the strong working abilities of this breed. The goal of our breeding program is to produce excellence in working GSD’s and outstanding family companions. We breed for intelligence, health, exceptional temperament, strong drives, a high desire to please, and correct structure. Our puppies are suitable for schutzhund, AKC obedience, agility, SAR, therapy & assistance, herding, law enforcement, personal protection, and beloved family members. We maintain a small hobby breeding program that allows us to give the time needed to devote to the care, training and welfare of each of our dogs. Our dogs have proven themselves on the competition field and in our home with our family. Triton kennels strives to produce a dog that is not only a joy to work; but also a devoted partner. We expect the highest quality in our dogs so why shouldn’t you? We hope you enjoy your visit and please feel free to sign our guestbook.